Chapter 2 Begins….


  Laila Auni Qistina turns 2….. 31st Aug 2008




Presenting the DSP dancing Divas of Harry’s Bar


The Best Dressed Team….in 60’s fashion style, in black and white


C’mon on girls let’s dance!!!


Me and my most happening boss…Lisa Reid

 We had a night of wild fun dancing the night through for our D&D this year, with the Hairspray theme at Harry’s Bar @ Harbourfront. Our team walked away with the Tangs gift voucher prize for the best dressed team. Not to mentioned the lucky draw prize that I’ve won for myself too a face spa voucher at Signature Beaute. I shall pamper myself pretty soon and have the appointment fixed. heheh.

Thank you girls…I surely had hella a good time 🙂


A Walk to Remember…


Hey peeps! I’m back !

I had a little adventure with something that I’ve been longing to use for a long time now. And that thing has been “sitting” in storage for what it seems like eternity eversince I was born. Never mind how sloppy I looked like in that picture ( cause my Ibu insisted that I should do it before having my late afternoon shower), I still get those “How cute!!” and the “OOhsss” and “Ahhss!!” from the friendly neighbourhood people. Yes…yes, its a bonus being a baby.

And now I’m proud to present to you people my first pinkie Crocs adventure 😉

[ p.s: I’m sorry but due to the original nature of this vid footage,you’ll have to make an anti-clockwise 90 degrees neck position to view it. Bah!!! Blame it on the not the so very professional video camera girl, its non other than my Auntie Ura) ;p




As I have just found out, this year’s Dinner & Dance cum Christmas Party for my company would be of the above theme….Hairspray, which is to be held at Harry’s Bar at Raffles Quay. I seriously think that it’s gonna be pretty interesting to see my collegues strutting their stuffs, dressing up to their 60’s, the big hair, high collared shirts,flary bell-bottomed pants, platforms, bright & loud coloured clothings, funky shades and enormous earrings. But somehow, I have not made a decision yet if I should go for the party (maybe) due to some other personal commitments and excuses. Afterall, the party’s gonna be held in December, a relatively peak month for me.

Anyway, in any case that I’ve made up my mind and supposedly I wanted to attend for that particular party, I still have to scratch my head to think on the kind of image and fashion that suits me to the theme. Hmm.. think Audrey Hepburn (she’s one classic beautiful lady actress I really love think “Breakfast at Tiffany’s) act or blonde hair & red polka dot dress for me??

What say you?


The Monggel had her “Hairspray” moment too!!


1,2,3 Tatehhhhhh!!!!


Yes peeeeeeeopleeeeeee!!! I’m just about to learn on how to “walk”. Well, let’s just say its gonna be my first golden steps to freeeedom!!!!! Yeah!!!

Ouh by the way did i tell you how overwhelmed and totally estactic my Ibu was yesterday when she saw me taking that first few golden steps? No matter how silly it was she made us do the chicken dance together, I’m still very proud of myself for this “achievement” and yes I Love You Ibu!!!!!

The short video clip was taken at Grandma’s today, with my Uncle Lele trying to bait me with a drink.


Super Duper BUSY!!

*Gasps*!! It’s been almost a week since I’d last updated anything new on this blog. My reason? I’m super duper busy!!!!! I know its kinda lame, but it can’t be helped lah. By the time I’d settled down to relax from my everyday tonnes of workload, I’ll be too lazy or tired to even stare into the computer screen.

Actually I’ve wanted to upload a short vid of the monggel taking her first few golden steps to freedom. Yes!! My lil girl’s learning to walk and you should see how the mother’s reaction was when she did just that in front of her eyes for the first time. Maybe I’ll just update again when time is really on my side.

Right now, what I really need is my SLEEP!!

And yes peeps…this soul is still alive.

Peace out.


Back to Square One

kampung. rumah terbuka. ketupat. lemang. lepat. rendang. dodol. wajik. baulu. ayam sapit. ayam percik. lontong. lampu colok. lap lip. bunga api. mercun. mercun katak. meriam buluh. esctactic kids. punkn’d. wedding. wedding singer. hitching a ride. air terjun. sungai…yada..yada..yada…Goodbye….Hello back concrete world….

p.s- pardon me for this very unproductive post.aku tahu aku merepek.hahaha.


Camat Ayi Aye!!


Mintak Ibu, kuih sepotong.. Laila mau makan kerna perut kosong…Selamat Hari Raya! Jeng..jeng..jeng..jeng..jeng..jeng..jeng..jeng…jeng!!”



p.s – Managed to steal some time to update this blog while at my mum’s place. I’d realised that I didn’t manage to reply to all of the “Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin ” wishes sent to me via my cellphone. It’s very overwhelming. My thousand apologies and here I sincerely would like to take this opportunity to wish all my blog readers, my close friends, and others whom might have known me, Salam Lebaran Minal Aidin Wal Faizin..(is this the correct pronounciation “Katak”?) & maaf zahir batin.

I liked this sms sent to be by my very hip-hop close friend, Shahfii a.k.a Aludra, it goes like this…

Selamat Hari Raya Eidul Fitri

Maaf zahir dan batin.

Forgive the wrongs and bads, yes.

Wishes, best.

Keep smiling, not more nor less.

Enjoy the food and celebration, I suggest.


Fee bila ko nak buat rumah terbuka nih? 😉


Fly Me to the Moon and let me play among the stars…


A heart-throb ( I think he’s hawt!! Look at his eyes and his smile!!) photo of Malaysia’s first cosmonaut, Dr Sheikh Muszhapar Shukor whom’d lifted off Wednesday in a Soyuz spacecraft from Kazakhstan, a crew member of the 16th mission en route to the international space station.

Though he’s not the first Muslim to be in space, he made it to the records by being the first Malay to be in space! (Cayalah! Takkan melayu hilang di dunia!).




If Yan Can Cook…So Can You!

 A different approach for my blog entry this time around. Hari Raya’s coming as in a couple of days and here I wanna share with you my family’s favourite dish of all times… Ayam Masak Merah Berempah. This dish is simply a great companion with Nasi Bryani, the way my family loves eating it with, especially during festive occasions such as Hari Raya.


Ingredients :

1 ekor ayam (potong dan dibersihkan dan goreng setengah masak)
3 biji bawang besar dipotong bulat
3 biji cengkih
4 biji buah pelaga
3cm kulit kayu manis
200g tomato puree ( can be substituted with tomato sauce)
4 biji tomato (dipotong enam)
sedikit kacang peas dan bawang goreng
2 batang serai dititik
3 cm lengkuas dititk
2 tangkai daun ketumbar (digunting kasar)
garam dan gula secukup rasa

Bahan kisar:
10 batang lada kering
4 biji bawang putih
3cm halia
2 sudu makan ketumbar
1 sudu makan jintan manis

Panaskan minyak. tumis bawang besar, kayu manis, cengkih, pelaga , serai, lengkuas dan bahan kisar hingga wangi. Masukkan 1 cawan air, ayam goreng, tomato puree, garam dan gula. Masak hingga ia pekat. Bila pekat, taburkan buah tomato, kacang peas , bawang goreng dan daun ketumbar. ======================================================================

Speaking of food for festivities, I’ve thought of coming up with different dishes this time around to be served on the 1st day of Hari Raya. Usually at my mum’s place on the 1st day of Raya, the dining table at the kitchen would be fully laid with loads of special dishes coming from my maternal aunts, e.g lontong , ketupat, lepat, nasi jagung, nasi dhal,rendang, ayam masak merah, sambal goreng & the list goes on. Some of those dishes, say example the rendang, I can surely bet that all 3 of my maternal aunts will cook it. And yes, being sisters, I’m sure all 3 rendangs cooked by them will taste somewhat similar as to my mum’s. (these sisters like to spend much of their time yakking on the phone for hours and i strongly believe that among the topics they would discussed will be food recipes).Lol. ;p

What about you, my blog readers; what special main dishes does your mum, wife or grandma prepare for special festivities like these?  Share your thoughts with me aite 🙂

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